Riding Etiquette

E-Bike and MTB Etiquette

First of all, something to make you all very proud! Every rider on this Heaven of the South Event is an Ambassador for the Heaven of the South and the sport in general. So please shut all gates that don’t have marshalls on them and do not leave any litter.

We all want to see more trails open for mountain biking, also it is important to retain the riding that we have at the moment with many landowners closing down areas to us. It is therefore crucial to act and ride respectfully in these times of negative attitudes towards mountain bikers in general.

If you wish to use an E-Bike at The Heaven of the South, it must be fully compliant with UK law: NO “chipped” or overpowered e-bikes. These are considered illegal in the UK and are not allowed at our events.

In Case of Emergency: Do not ring us or the marshals, call 999. For other major problems ring the telephone number printed on the marker arrows.

Marshalls/Feed Stations: Marshall are there for your safety – listen to them.

There are several water and feed stations enroute. E-Bikers be warned that if you are travelling at speeds faster than the anticipated unpowered mountain biker speed there may be a chance that you get to Marshall Points and Feed Stations before they are manned or womanned, thereby missing directions and/or food, water or even isotonic cider.

Stay on the Trail: Whether you are on an E-mtb or a regular mountain bike, always stay on the marked route. Don’t cut corners, ride through vegetation, or create short cuts, it could damage the trail and/or surrounding wildlife.

Whilst on the Trail: We have had more problems this year gaining permission from landowners, please respect lawnowner’s property. We have requested special permissions to ride some of these trails.

Be aware there are many other users of our paths; horses, walkers, animals, other riders, respect other users of the bridleways and slow down. Slow down on blind corners, there could be a horse or walker around the corner. Remember it is not a race. Follow the country code, slow for horses, no litter, shut gates

If you have a mechanical get off the path, be aware of cyclists passing you.

If you approach other cyclists that have stopped, slow down and pass carefully.

Please go to the finish desk to register that you have returned from the ride and as a special gift you will be give your time of completion.

Sweepers are clearing the signage

Keep Your Speed in Check: Although going fast on your E-Bike can be fun, it can also be dangerous to yourself and others. When riding near other trail users, slow down. If you must pass, be polite. Ask the other rider, hiker, or horseback rider if you can pass and allow them to respond before manoeuvering around her/him. Also keep in mind that the faster you go, the more difficult the trail will become. Look ahead and make sure to check your speed for upcoming trail obstacles and corners.

E-Bike Batteries: As organisers, we are duty-bound to prioritise our resources to deal with genuine first-aid and mechanical issues. Flat E-Bike batteries mid-ride are not considered genuine mechanical issues, rather the predictable outcome of poor planning. Riders with flat e-bike batteries are requested to make their own way to the nearest event Feed/Drinks Station. It should be noted that we may have to wait until the event is finished and/or there are spare resources to facilitate a pick up from these locations. It is therefore suggested that e-bike riders are:

  1. familiar with their bike’s battery range, and
  2. either carry a charged spare battery with them or stash a spare battery at a suitable point on the route in advance.

E-Bike riders agree to ride legally, appropriately and considerately at all times.