We will again be sponsored by Rhino-Goo, probably because Simon just loves coming to our event and trying to suck up all the Cider. Anyway Rhino-Goo is considered by many to be the best bike cleaner on the market, including myself as I don’t use anything else, its flippin’ ace.

Fyffes Bananas come up trumps every year to give you the energy to complete our gruelling courses – they ask for nothing in return and their fruity beauties are always very popular with the sweaty proletariat.

The Wild Cider company are just bleeding ace, even if they are run by nutty John. It is extremely good isotonic cider, a good range of products and judging by the smiles on everyone’s faces, it seems to do the job.

Uley Brewery have always supported us well with their lovely beers, which are a favourite of mine again. We will have three of their beers at the event of various strengths and textures.