This event is being allowed to go ahead with the kind permission of local landowners. Please do not abuse their trust in us that cyclists are a decent bunch and respect their property.

  • By entering this event, I confirm that I will behave responsibly and ride with due care and attention to land owners wishes, other riders, spectators and members of the public who happen to be in the vicinity. My bicycle is in good working order and I will wear a suitable cycle helmet at all times.
  • I further understand that the event organisers do not provide any personal insurance for riders, and that any third party damage I cause may be charged against me.
  • I fully accept that the activity of mountain biking on and off road carries inherent risks, and that it is my responsibility to ride within my abilities
  • I fully accept and agree that neither the organisers, officials, marshals, land owners or fellow participants, nor any person associated with the event may be held liable for any loss, damage or injury to me or my party that may occur during or in connection with the event.
  • There will be no refund unless the event is cancelled by the organisers and then any refund will be subject to expenses incurred.

This event is fairly strenuous and the route includes challenging riding conditions, including mud, sharp climbs and descents, off-camber sections, roots and rocks. Riders should ensure that they ride within their limits.

The event organisers strongly recommend that riders obtain their own third party liability insurance, such as that provided by British Cycling ( or Cycling UK (

We have tried to plan for all eventualities but route, camping, parking, catering and all information contained within the web site and to do with the event may be subject to change depending on conditions leading up to the day and events/circumstances that fall out of our control. Remember, none of the organisers and volunteers running/helping this event do this as a full time employment!

Rules of the Event

Any sort of bike as long as it has two wheels and one rider. However, in the opinion of the organisers, some sections of the course are not suitable for cyclocross bikes or tandems. Riders are welcome to use these kinds of bikes, but should pay extra attention to reading the route ahead.

Riders must exercise sound, mature judgement being responsible for their own and others’ safety, carry out all instructions from officials and the police (if present) take responsibility in knowing these rules and the route involved on the course by themselves unaided.

Riders must conduct themselves in a proper manner, respect all others and not bring the sport into disrepute, including threatening, abusive behaviour. This will result in instant disqualification.

Riders must be adequately clothed at all times. No naked or topless riding.

Cycle Conduct

Every rider must ensure that his or her cycle is in a safe condition.

Handlebars and bar ends must be plugged.

Any part of the cycle course may be covered on foot but on these occasions the riders must carry or push their own bike, walking to one side of the path.