Event Tickets

Tickets will go on sale at 09:00 on 1st January. You can choose to register and create an account in advance or buy and create an account at checkout, when tickets are available, it’s up to you. We are running a waiting room system to protect traffic on the site, to ensure it’s all done as fairly as possible, please be patient.

  • If you wish to order more than one ticket, simply select the number of tickets from the drop down in the ticket order page (Max. 6 tickets) and supply us with the names, emails and emergency information of all additional riders within your group. Please don’t repeat your information to secure tickets 😉
  • Please make sure that you supply genuine emergency contact information of your next of kin, not just repeating your own details – we really need this info in the (hopefully unlikely) event that you get injured!
  • Once you complete the order your ticket(s) you will receive an email confirming your booking, it will include the information for all riders, it can also be found within the account pages of the site.
  • You can swap or sell your tickets individually, it is totally your responsibility and we will not get involved in resale. However you must inform us of the new rider’s details and who they are replacing. To inform us of any changes please use the form that is on your account page or email tickets@heavenofthesouth.co.uk